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Quote1.png You people! What do you need--the world to actually end? Quote2.png
Phil Sheldon

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Synopsis for "Judgment Day"

As the 60's continue, Phil Sheldon works with Ben Urich on a Stark piece for the Daily Bugle. Soon after the news that the Avengers have been declared a menace and ordered to disband, Phil attends a press conference that claimed that their enemies had framed them. As Sheldon tries to finish his book on the Marvels, the media starts going after Tony Stark. As Phil and his family visit the zoo one day, the water level starts rising until they have to seek refuge on a bench. A man wearing a "Judgement Day" poster predicts the apocalypse and blames it on the super-beings. They learn from the radio that Attuma is actually responsible for the rising tides and that the Avengers stopped him.

The publicity of the superheroes continue to decline as Spider-Man gets accused of attacking Jonah Jameson, large Fantastic Four battles cause traffic congestion. Phil is preoccupied with his work, to the detriment of his relationship with his family. One day, the illusion of fire appears in the sky and the next day, meteors appear. The Silver Surfer emerges from the sky, and Galactus soon follows, announcing his plan to drain the life out of the planet.

As the Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer fight the being and the city begins to panic, Sheldon believes in his heart that Earth will end and goes home to spend time with his family. Suddenly, news comes that the Fantastic Four have managed to defeat Galactus, thus saving the Earth. In the wake of the Fantastic Four's victory, Sheldon promises that he will devote more time with his family. However, he is later disgusted by the way the public has turned on their heroes, with his own newspaper claiming that the Galactus threat was a hoax. He finally rages at a crowd carrying on an anti-mutant conversation.

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