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  • Royal Wakandan Sky Yacht (First appearance)

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For starters, there's a Big Little Book. Plus monsters, international mayhem, the arrival of heroes in trouble and a deadly threat for Dr. Strange. And apartment problems, phone calls and an audience with Namor of Atlantis. You know, those kinds of things. Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Storm and more, plus the return of a Golden Age great and…Dakota North? Man, when we say "marvels," we mean marvels! Don't miss it — we'd miss you!


  • The events Cap and Namor are referring to when they mention the "business with the Supreme Intelligence and the Eternals" happened in the pages of All-New Invaders #1-5.
  • When Warbird brings Aero to the other heroes, she says "Some of you know her, I think". That's indeed true, as she met Tony Stark back in Aero #10.

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