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Quote1.png I became Lady Lotus. And I waged war. I fought their heroes, time and again. The Invaders, the All-Winners Squad, the so-called Kid Commandos. And when my powers were not enough to reach my goals... I resorted to other skills. And I sought other weapons... Like the ancient gem that expanded and altered my gifts. But time afer time, I was forced to retreat. Until I found myself spent, my power drained. Possibly forever broken. But a lotus can be a hardy flower. It can be planted anew and thrive once again. Quote2.png
Lady Lotus

Appearing in "Part Six: Reflections in a Lotus Garden"

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Synopsis for "Part Six: Reflections in a Lotus Garden"

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Who is Lady Lotus? Crime lord, super villain, saboteur…but that's just scratching the surface. Learn what makes her tick – her loves, her hates, her fears—and learn the startling secrets behind the Siancong War. Why it's not what it seems, and what's going on behind the scenes. A tour through a century of Marvel history, involving the Invaders, the Avengers, mayhem, monsters and the deepest mystery of all.


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