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Quote1.png The vapors tell much, including of your urgent need... And I have learned a great deal in my time cloistered with the smoke... Secrets of the vapor, both grand and subtle... Including, crucially, many I have not yet taught my young aides. And thus, since your need is great and the capacities of she who you pursue unknown... I gladly take up lawfarer's colors once more. And I will return at your side. Quote2.png
The Vision (Aarkus)

Appearing in "Part Seven: Communing with the Smoke"

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  • Royal Wakandan Sky Yacht

Synopsis for "Part Seven: Communing with the Smoke"

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The final member of the assault team is in place – or are they? – and the assault on Siancong begins. Witness all-out action against the forces of Lady Lotus, plus a look at what the citizens of Siancong (and Melinda May) have been through under the dome. And a shocking revelation from the all-new Warbird! And things get stranger...


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