Marvex's origins began during the 1940's in the so-called "5th Dimension" where evil scientist Bolo created a globe that allowed him to look into the Earth dimension. Inspired by the humans he saw there, he decided to create a race of robot slaves modeled to resemble human beings. Using special fabri-steel, he constructed Marvex the Super-Robot. It would prove to be Bolo's only robot, however, as upon activation Marvex -- not wishing to be enslaved -- would slay Bolo and his minions. In attempting to destroy Bolo's lab, an explosion knocked him through the dimensional barrier between the 5th Dimension and Earth. After aiding a man with a stalled car, Marvex accepted payment and used it to purchase some clothes to better fit in and explore his new surroundings. Hearing cries for help, Marvex came to the aid of Clara Crandall and her father, rescuing them. Mr. Crandal, howerver, would die moments later. Clara told Marvex that spies had stolen her father's new armor coating which he was to give to the military. Marvex tracked down the thieves and slayed them all, including their leader von Crabb, and turned the formula over to Clara. Clara was made smitten by Marvex, until he revealed to her that he was really a robot[1].

Later when Clara's friend Jim Hansen was framed for a capital crime and was sentenced to death row, Marvex learned that the person really responsible for the murder was Spike Green. After Green was arrested for a robbery, he attempted to break out of prison before Jim could prove that he was responsible. Marvex prevented the prison break, survived being put on the electric chair and forced Green to confess to his crimes, clearing Jim's name[2].

Marvex's heroic exploits would gain the attention of mad scientist Doctor Narr who sought to capture Marvex and learn his secrets so that he could build better robots. Capturing Marvex and incapacitating him with a magnet, Narr attempted to examine him. Marvex, however, would radio Clara for help and she freed her friend. Marvex then trashed all of Narr's robots, frightening the crook to the point where he jumped out of his window to his death[3].

In 1943, Marvex was among a number of heroes who were slain by the Cosmic Cube wielding Red Skull and impaled on a massive wall[4]. The Cube, however, was recovered by Private Paul Anselm who resurrected all of the slain heroes who then aided the combined efforts of the Invaders and the time displaced New Avengers and Mighty Avengers. When the Skull was defeated, the heroes used the Cube to wipe out Marvex's memories of the event to preserve history[5].

Marvex would later continue exploring the city, constantly having to show smitten women that he was really a robot. After a clash with the living sandwich known as Ingrediento (whom he would throw all the way to France) the bored Marvex tried to decide what to do with himself next. After 70 years of hard thinking, he was stumped and found 21st Century Earth not all that interesting, leaving the Earth to explore the stars[6].


Marvex is made of "fabri-steel," a strange metal which renders him invulnerable and bulletproof. Marvex has superstrength, can run at super speeds, and can perform Hulk-like leaps. He has an advanced mechanical brain can send radio messages via his mind.

It is unknown if the "5th Dimension" of Marvex's origins are the same as the Fifth Dimension commonly visited by the Fantastic Four.

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