Quote1 Welcome to Battleworld! Super FUN for boys and girls! You might be ruled by APOCALYPSE... or laugh all day at Spider-Quips. It's quirky, it's silly, a bit insane. And Doc Ock might try to eat your brain... But there's a special place... in the land of ol' Metal Face... where every night and day... On Avengers Street and X-Men Way... the kids all jump for joy... but never share their toys... they're all the best of friends... they're sure to make you grinnnnnn... it's a GIANT-SIZE LITTLE MARVEL! AVENGERS VS. X-MENNNNNN! Quote2
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Marville is one of the domains of Battleworld. Its most notorious inhabitants are child versions of the Avengers and X-Men, who are always competing against each other to see what group is the best, whether it be while selling food in their food trucks[1] or in a dodgeball game.[2] But the result is always the same: they end up fighting.

Recently, the two teams started fighting over the attention of the new residents of Marville, the twins Zachary and Zoe. They invited them to their secret clubhouses to convince them to join their crews, but one thing they didn't expect happened: they found new rivals for the twins' attention in the form of the Guardians of the Galaxy.[3] However, the Guardians were far from being their last rivals. Eventually, the Inhumans also showed up to fight for the twins' friendship, but none of them were successful in their goal as while they battled the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants were able to convince the twins join their ranks.[4]

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