Marvin Ellwood is the son of Captain Mar-Vell and Ms. Marvel from Earth-2301. When he reached the age of 13, Marvin inherited his father's Nega-Bands and became the new Captain Marvel, taking up his father's mission to protect Earth and the Human Race from the forces of evil.[1]

His first mission was to take down Galactus. With the aide of the Fantastic Four, Marvin retrieved his father's Nega-Bands and headed into space to confront the world eater. Being ejected onto the creature's surface, he came across the Lava Men, who attacked them. Retreating to a section of Galactus' hide called the Savage Land, Marvin came across the Inhumans, a group of aliens whose home world had fallen to Galactus, forcing the survivors to take refuge on the creature's body.[2]

With the Inhumans' help, Marvin once again tried to descend into Galactus' core, battling the Lava Men and their leader, Kreega, the Super-Skrull. He eventually brought the fight to Galactus' core, where Marvin destroyed Kreega and the core at once, saving the world from destruction.[3]

Some time later, when the Hand started taking out heroes, Marvin is seen being cradled by his mother, presumably dead.[4]


Nega-Bands: Hidden in a volcano of all places, these bands prompted Marvin's transformation into Captain Marvel. Computo


Kree laser sword

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