Not much is known about Mary-Margaret, save that her mutant powers surfaced at a young age and caused wounds to open up in the palms of her hands. Believing this to be a sign from God, her mother called a priest to consult, but the man who came to her house was not a priest but rather an anti-mutant fanatic posing as one. He murdered Mary-Margaret's mother, shot the young girl in the foot, and kidnapped her.

The mysterious man enslaved Mary-Margaret's telepathic tracking abilities to hunt down more mutants. He was particularly interested in a young boarding school student named Warren Worthington, whose mutation granted him a form akin to an angel and was thus considered by the stranger to be the ultimate affront to God. Using Mary-Margaret to corner him in the forest, the stranger fought with Warren and was ultimately overpowered. The mysterious man committed suicide rather than allow himself to be detained by a mutant. A grateful Mary-Margaret was recovered safely and soon placed with a foster family.


Telepathy: Mary Margaret had a telepathic scanning ability that enabled her to lock on to the minds of other people and determine their whereabouts and what they were doing at the time.

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