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Mary Brock was a character of Eddie Brock's past fabricated into his memories by the Venom symbiote as part of its efforts to make Eddie stay with it.[1] In these altered memories, Mary was the first child of Jamie and Carl Brock. Following Jamie's death giving birth to Mary's younger brother Eddie, all housework fell on Mary's hands. There was also contention between her and her brother as a result of this, her sharing the belief of their father in blaming him for how their mother had died.[2] Mary allegedly died when she was an adult due to breast cancer.[3]

When Eddie sought to reconnect with Carl after the Venom symbiote became brain dead, he tried to bring her death up with his father, but he expressed that he had no idea who Eddie was talking about, saying that he'd never had a daughter.[3] When Eddie fell prey to the Maker and he attempted to separate the symbiote from Eddie, their psychic connection began failing. This resulted in Venom's influence in Eddie's memories fading away, causing him to realize the truth behind Mary.[1]


  • Mary Brock was originally featured in Nova (Vol. 3) #3 and 6-7 as an existing person. While out for a run, Mary got caught in the middle of a battle between Nova and the Quintronic Man, and was left in a coma.[4] Upon seeing this being reported on the news, Eddie was devastated and attempted to seek revenge against Nova for failing to save her.[5] The implications of Mary Brock having been retconned into never having existed have not been addressed with regards to her appearance in Nova.
  • In Nova Vol 3 #6, Mary was originally introduced as Eddie's younger sibling, which caused a continuity error since Eddie's mother died giving birth to him. Venom: Dark Origin #1 later clarified this situation, presenting Mary as Eddie's older sister instead.

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