Thinking of herself as nothing more than plain, Mary Brown was always searching for love, but felt she was not pretty enough to be noticed by young men. Hoping to remedy this, Mary took a cruise vacation, which she figured would be full of young single men. Despite there being a number of single men, Mary was disheartened by the equally high number of pretty single girls.

When docking at an island, Mary decided to rent a boat and explore a swamp by herself instead of having to be around the happy couples from the boat. While rowing through the backwaters of the swamp, Mary was startled by the appearance of a large alien creature. Unsure of her intentions, the creature telepathically communicated with Mary, telling her of his space travels, and the space/time warp that caused him to crash in the swamp. The creature showed her his ship, and asked if she would help him. Mary agreed, mainly due to the feeling that she could not refuse to help such a formidable creature.

The alien showed Mary how to work the engines of his ship, and, as Mary fired the thrusters at full blast, the alien lifted the ship upon his back, and through their combined efforts, the pair freed the ship from the mud. The alien told Mary that he wold reward her for her help and kindness, but immediately climbed into his ship and departed. Mary questioned herself about the reward, but concluded that it didn't matter, as any attempt to explain the reward's origin would bring her ridicule.

Mary Brown (Silver Age) (Earth-616) from Tales to Astonish Vol 1 30 0002

Mary after receiving her "reward".

As Mary made her way back to the ship, she noticed that the crowds where staring at her. Feeling uncomfortable, Mary wondered to herself why she was drawing so munch attention, until she walked past a mirror and discovered she now had the beauty of a model. Mary concluded that the alien learned she longed for beauty after it read her mind, and that the reward he promised was her new-found beauty.[1]

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