Preface: Many stories about the American Frontier were adapted into dime store novels that were adapted on actual events, including those tales of famous heroes of the American Frontier.[1] As such the history of Red Hawk should be questioned as many of the facts contradict actual historical events.

According to accounts, Mary Gregory was only a young girl when her family was migrating through Arizona to settle somewhere on the land while their wagon train was attacked by an Apache warpath. Mary escaped with her brother Bill and friend Alan Krandal. Chased by the Apaches, Bill and Mary fled while Alan -- his ankle twisted -- stayed behind to hold them off. Unknown to Bill and Mary at the time, Alan was eventually adopted by the Apache's chief Red Hawk and groomed over the years into their spy, the Apache Kid.

Years later, Bill -- now an adult -- joined the United States Army and rose to the rank of Captain, and Mary lived on the Fort with him. At that same time, Apache Kid had agreed to infiltrate Fort Madison in his alter-ego of roving cowboy Aloysius Kare to try and learn when the attack was happening. However, Captain Gregory was tipped off thanks to Fannin, a gun dealer who was selling guns to the Apaches and hoped to gain money from a potential war.

Aloysius was captured and brought before Gregory. Thinking him to be an actual Native American wearing skin dye, Gregory had Kare's shirt stripped off and was shocked to find that he was a white man. More shocking was the fact that the prisoner was wearing a tiny bible on a necklace causing Bill to realize that this spy was his old friend Alan Krandal. With no other choice, Bill had Krandal locked up. But a visit from Mary allowed the Apache Kid to escape and cause a brush fire to keep the army at bay long enough for Red Hawk's tribe to escape.[2]

Some time later, Mary returned to Fort Madison and was briefly reunited with the Apache Kid. When she left the fort her stage was attacked by Red Hawk's Apaches who were under the command of the fanatical Dragon Face who briefly usurped control of the tribe. Mary was to be sacrificed for Dragon Face's gods, but she was rescued by Apache Kid who later slew Dragon Face.[3]

It has since been revealed that many of Apache Kid's early adventures were really dime story western novels that were fictional stories adapted from real life events.[4][1] Thus, the history of Mary Gregory -- if she ever truly existed -- could be vastly different than what is depicted here.

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