Quote1.png There has to be another way, Harry. And we'll find it. We'll find a way to make it all work out. Maybe...maybe if you studied really hard and I spoke to your father-- Quote2.png
-- Mary Jane Watson

Appearing in "The Cheating Thing"

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  • Mrs. Dolores Feeser
  • Maxine (Voice only)




Synopsis for "The Cheating Thing"

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Solicit Synopsis

Thanks to overwhelming fan support, everyone's favorite redhead is back! After some bumps in the road, it seems MJ is finally over Spider-Man and excited to go to Homecoming with her boyfriend, Harry Osborn. But unless Harry's dad sees an improvement in his son’s slipping grades, Harry can forget about ever seeing Mary Jane again. Add to this the fact that Liz Allen thinks best friend MJ and boyfriend Flash Thompson are fooling around behind her back, and you've got a recipe for the worst Homecoming ever! Pick up the newest installment in Marvel’s most mischievous melodrama, and discover why Entertainment Weekly featured this electric teen drama in its Must List!

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