A clone of Mary Jane Watson was created by Miles Warren from a piece of her hair.[1] The real Mary Jane was lost in limbo during Spider-Man's fight with the Green Goblin.[2] The clone mysteriously appeared to Peter months after Mary Jane had gone missing. She was then returned to her distraught Aunt Anna by the Punisher.[3] Soon after, Mary Jane agreed to marry Peter, who was unaware that she wasn't the real Mary Jane.[4]

Shortly before their wedding, Peter revealed his secret identity as Spider-Man to Mary Jane. Their wedding was disturbed by the arrival of Harry Osborn as the Green Goblin, who had been driven insane. He tried to have the vicar marry him to Mary Jane, but Liz Allan appealed to him to return to the Ravencroft Institute. After this, Mary Jane and Peter were wed.[5]

Mary Jane evaporating

During their honeymoon, Peter and Mary Jane were attacked by Hydro-Man (or rather, his clone, also created by Warren), who was continuing his pursuit of her.[6] It was eventually revealed to Peter (and indeed, the clone herself), that the Mary Jane Watson he had married was simply a water clone of the original. Miles Warren also revealed that the cloning process had proven unstable, and Hydro-Man and Mary Jane both evaporated.[1]


As a "water clone" created using DNA from both a Hydro-Man water clone and the original Mary Jane Watson, she possessed water powers similar to Hydro-Man's. While Hydro-Man was able to control these powers, at first Mary Jane did not know how, which led to her becoming confused since she was unaware that she had such powers.

Mary Jane's powers


Mary Jane's powers came from having the same cellular structure as Hydro-Man, thus she shared his weaknesses to heat and running out of water. Also, since the cloning process was unstable, her cellular structure was slowly falling apart even without exposure to heat.

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