Quote1 I'm sorry about what I said back there. You are a good man. You saved us all. Quote2
-- Mary Jane Watson src

Mary Jane was the wife of Peter Parker, also known as Spider-Man, who one day succumbed to a plague that suddenly altered his DNA, changing him into a cannibal. His condition soon came to the attention of the world when he was seen eating the Rhino after a fight during a live hockey game.[1]

The Fantastic Four quickly subdued him and put him in a cage for further examination. As the rest of New York City succumbed to the plague, Mary Jane and Aunt May sought refuge from a priest that was taking in hundreds of survivors. At one point he protected them from an attack from the infected Harry and Norman Osborn. She was, however, eventually kidnapped by Stilt-Man.[2]

What happened to her afterwards is unknown, but she later reunited with her husband, who now went by the alias Patient Zero, and joined his tribe as his mate, despite still remaining uninfected. Years later, Mary Jane was impregnated by him, but she was soon taken by the King of Death, one of Patient Zero's rivals for land, while she was several months along in her pregnancy.

Patient Zero went to the Punisher, his longtime hunter, and offered him the locations of uninfected survivors and promised to leave them be if he retrieved his mate for him and killed the King of Death. He reluctantly agreed to his terms and tracked him to his nest. Unfortunately, he was ambushed by the King of Death's tribesmen and quickly overpowered.[3]

While the Punisher was held captive, the King of Death tortured him for information on Patient Zero's whereabouts, with Mary Jane watching with horror. Despite this the Punisher refused to crack, forcing the King of Death to threaten to kill Mary Jane. In desperation, Mary Jane put a knife to her throat and threatened to kill herself if the Punisher said anything, but the King of Death disarmed her anyway.

Deadpool, a member of Patient Zero's tribe, came to their rescue, which was distraction enough for Mary Jane to free the Punisher. After slaughtering the King of Death's tribe and shooting him in the head, Mary Jane was returned to Patient Zero. However, the Punisher decided to kill Patient Zero. In the end, the Punisher sent the survivors, Mary Jane included, away on boats.[4]


Seemingly those of the Mary Jane Watson of Earth-616.

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