Quote1 Don't think about tomorrow, we’ve only got today. There’s nothing I want from you. Not a word you have to say. You are all I need. And all I can defend. All I need to hold on to if the world should end. In my imagination. I could not have made this up. In a world stranger than fiction. Ours is no fictional love. Quote2
-- Mary Jane Watson src

Act One

Mary Jane Watson was a popular girl at Mitdownhigh and did not have a good relationship with her father. One day, her class made a trip to the laboratory of Dr. Norman Osborn and his wife, Emily. Peter Parker (who had a crush on her) was bitten by one of the genetically-altered spiders in the laboratory. Later, Flash Thompson gave her a ride on his new car. She was present in the death of Ben Parker. By the time Peter was already Spider-Man, she started to date him.

Act Two

She had a romantic date with Peter, than Peter defeated the Sinister Six. Peter decided to spend more time with Mary Jane, so he give up of being Spider-Man. On a bar, Peter professes his love for her, until Osborn (turned into the Green Goblin) took control of televisions and radios in the town and challenged Spider-Man to fight with him at the top of the Chrysler Building. After Peter arrived on the scene, the Goblin revealed that Mary Jane had been kidnapped by him. Spider-Man and the Green Goblin engaged in combat that ended with the Goblin falling down the building with a piano connected with him by a web. Peter revealed to be Spider-Man and kissed Mary Jane.

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