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Mary Jane Watson is the niece of Anna Watson, the Parker family's neighbor. Aunt May Parker tries to set Mary Jane up with her nephew Peter Parker, but he of course declines after his aunt's insistence that MJ has a "wonderful personality" (which Peter and Harry take as meaning that she has a hideous appearance) Peter then goes to visit Harry Osborn and receives an e-mail inviting him to the Midtown High school Fall Formal. Peter jokingly suggests he could bring Mary Jane Watson, as he does not have a date, and both shudder at the fact of going out with her. When Aunt May finds out about the dance, she immediately suggests Mary Jane; Peter again shudders at the thought, but keeps a straight face for May.

Mary Jane first fully appears just before the Fall Formal and just after Betty Brant turned him down. Aunt May tells Peter that Anna Watson's niece will be arriving any moment. Peter is shocked to discover that his Aunt May planned to have Peter go to the formal with Mary Jane all along. When he reluctantly answers the door he is stunned to find her stunning, not at all what he was expecting. MJ looks at him and smiles and says her famous line, "Face it, Tiger. You just hit the jackpot".

Peter and Mary Jane attend the dance where she shocks the crowd by showing up with Parker. When Gwen sees her, she becomes upset, believing Peter lied about not having a date (she had wanted to go with Peter) while Sally Avril is angry that the "King of Geeks" actually got a date, and Flash Thompson takes a liking to her, presumably to irritate Peter. Peter receives a call from the Daily Bugle, demanding travel across town to photograph an event hosted by Tombstone where the Green Goblin was attacking. Mary Jane is very understanding of Peter ditching her. While Peter is gone, MJ gets voted as the Homecoming Queen despite not attending the school (with the ballot saying "the red-haired girl that came with Peter Parker") much to the fury of all the other girls except Gwen. When Peter halts the Green Goblin's plans and returns to the gym, he finds the students emptying out and Mary Jane dancing with Hobie Brown. Peter sits on the side and sighs, believing he blew his chances with the MJ by leaving, but she tells him she saved the last dance just for him, and the two share a slow dance in the empty gym.

MJ is later seen cheering on the schools football game, sitting next to Glory Grant. Peter tries to talk with her and Mary Jane assures him that they're just friends, and that the dance was simply for fun, much to his disappointment. Later Dr. Octopus attacks Peter and his friends at the Coney Island Carnival, Gwen Stacy trips and falls, so Mary Jane goes back and helps her. Spider-Man rescues the girls from Doc Ock's grasp. That night Flash Thompson and Liz Allen break up, and Peter tries to talk with Liz, but is held back by MJ who says "Not now Tiger".

At the Halloween Fair , Mary Jane, is dressed as a vampire and she searches for Peter in hopes of telling him she now goes to Midtown High thanks to her acceptance by its theater magnet. Flash tries to make a move on her but she tells him she likes him, but that "this redhead's a free agent".

Peter Parker later arrives at the Fair dressed in his Spider-Man suit minus the mask, Mary Jane smiles and tells him he fills out the costume nicely. The next day Mary Jane tells Peter about her enrollment at the school which she tried to tell him the night before, but he disappeared. Gwen Stacy then arrives and explains to the pair that Harry Osborn is off sick from school, although Peter secretly knows is because of Harry's addiction to the Globulin Green aka the Goblin Formula.

Sinister Six later attack Spider-Man again but this time he is bonded to the the alien Symbiote, Aunt May has a heart attack with Anna Watson nearby. Mary Jane is then the one to notify Peter of his aunt's condition. Peter later arrives at school and his friends attempt to console him, but due to the symbiote's influence, he verbally reject everyone. He apologizes the next day to MJ and warns him about Eddie Brock's hatred towards him, as he tried to hurt him by using her.

MJ is later at the Thanksgiving Day parade with Flash, and as before she continually tries to dodge and ignore all his advances. Nonetheless, Spidey is understandably annoyed. It is Mary Jane who initiates the assistance in helping Gwen from dangling from a float after being endangered by Venom. When Venom tells Peter Parker that he will attack "who you love the most", he dashes to the parade and to find MJ, believing it was her who Venom was speaking about (Back when the Sinister Six attacked, Eddie had made an advance on her earlier in order to attack Peter). Although he finds her safe and not in danger, that's when he notices Gwen is speaking to Eddie Brock. She later initiates an effort to save Gwen with the other students, which succeeds.

When Flash tried to date her, she mentioned she was not interested in a serious relationship. However, she did start dating Liz's brother Mark Allan, shown to be depressed when she believed he was gambling and doing drugs again. By the end of the series, she is the only person who still knows that Peter and Gwen plan to ditch their respective partners to be together (though they denied it when she confronted them).

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Seemingly those of Mary Jane Watson (Earth-616)#Powers.


Seemingly those of Mary Jane Watson (Earth-616)#Abilities.


  • Mary Jane Watson, voiced by Vanessa Marshall, appears in The Spectacular Spider-Man. She is first mentioned in the fourth episode, "Market Forces".
  • Unlike the other versions of Spider-Man, Mary Jane does not appear to be a focus point of one of Pete's girls. Instead, it is focused more on Gwen Stacy and Liz Allan. She would have been the focus, had the series continued.

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