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Mary Jane was the most popular girl in Midtown High School. Friends with the likes of Flash Thompson, Liz Allen and Harry Osborn, Mary Jane had seemingly very little to complain about in her life. When the train taking her home was attacked by Electro, Mary Jane is rescued from a fatal fall by Spider-Man (her secret crush). After the incident, Mary begins to reevaluate her life and obsesses over trying to see Spider-Man again. Her crush on Spider-Man fuels her desire for the superhero to be homecoming date. At the same time she struggles with various jobs in order to get enough money to buy "the perfect dress".

As homecoming draws nearer, Mary Jane attempts to fix the tenuous relationship between Liz and Flash; she tells that Liz stop belittling Flash and calling him stupid. She considers breaking up with Harry, who she's been dating since before being rescued by Spider-Man; but as she reconsiders the idea, she learns of Flash's crush on her after discovering doodles of her name in his notebook. At the same time, Liz suspects Flash is cheating on her, putting Mary Jane in awkward situation in regards to the truth. After a football game goes sour, Mary Jane continues to withhold the truth from Liz but confronts Flash about his feelings. She manages to convince Flash to stay with Liz, believing that Flash will give up on pursing her romantically. Unbeknownst to her, Liz witnesses the two hugging on his steps and suspects her friend is having an affair with Flash.

For a time, Mary Jane is given the cold shoulder by Liz. Mary Jane confronts her and the two reconcile after Liz confesses she thought Mary Jane was seeing Flash behind her back. On the night of the homecoming, Mary Jane is crowned homecoming queen and Flash homecoming king. Flash takes this as a sign that their meant to be together and a fight erupts between himself, Mary Jane, Harry and Liz. When Mary Jane tries to convince Liz that nothing happened between Flash and herself, Liz slaps the crown being offered to her from Mary Jane's hands and storms off. Mary Jane also runs from the shcool, retreating to the Coffee Bean. There she meets Peter Parker and the two talk for a while before he escorts her back home. Liz is waiting for Mary Jane at her house and apologizes for being so jealous of her friend.

After breaking up with Harry, Mary Jane continues to track Spider-Man across the city whenever finds him, desperate to speak with him. At the same time she grows closer to Peter, who cautions her about chasing Spider-Man. Her friends believe her crush on Spider-Man is unhealthy as she knows nothing about the superhero. Undaunted by the advice given by her friends, Mary Jane doesn't stop searching for Spider-Man until she encounters him again. She asks him out, but he rejects her, using much of the same logic offered by her friends.

When Mary Jane finds out Flash is bullying Peter, she warns Flash to stop and is largely ignored by the football player. To complicate matter further, Peter's affection for Mary Jane becomes apparent when Spider-Man agrees to take her out. Mary Jane brushes Peter's feelings for her off as "silly", thinking she really loves Spider-Man. While she achieves the dream of going out with Spider-Man, she realizes later that she may have feelings for Peter. Unfortunately, the moment she decides to see Peter again, he's connecting with Gwen Stacy.

Hurt by the turn of events, Mary Jane buries her feelings behind the facade of a flirtatious party girl. She manages to repair her friendship with Flash who starts to date Liz again. Putting her feelings for Peter aside, Mary Jane tries to date Harry once again only to be thwarted by Felicia Hardy who competes for Harry's affections. She ends things with Harry for a final time after Harry realizes she loves Peter. When she sees Peter again, the two renew their friendship.

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane (Vol. 2)

Mary Jane's friendship with Harry is still broken, but her relationship with Peter, Flash and Liz remains as strong as ever, and she and Gwen gradually repair their friendship as well. In the meantime, Mary Jane continues to pursue becoming a better actor; she starts a trend called "Limo Girl" after arriving to late to Acting 101 and performing an excuse to as why she was late. Everyone starts to call her "Limo Girl", which bothers Mary Jane after a while. She lands a lead role in the play, beating out a girl named Zoe, someone she was on friendly terms with before casting was finalized. During rehearsals, her teacher demands that perform the same way she did when she created Limo Girl. Frustrated, Mary Jane quits the play.

Spider-Man and Mary Jane continue to see each other whenever the wall-crawler gets the chance to visit her, Mary Jane often confides in Spider-Man about her troubles with the same openness she shows with Peter. After Mary Jane lands a role in the play, someone starts a smear campaign on the school computers, calling her a "diva dork of Midtown High". She initially assumes Harry is the one behind it, though he tells her he's not angry at her for anything despite their history. She is further proven wrong when he tells her the IP address is linked directly to the school and in a area prohibited to students. Mary Jane asks what happened to their friendship and Harry says she "forgot he was alive" when she became friends with Peter. Despite her renewed desire to fix things between them, Harry doesn't want to be "just friends" with Mary Jane.

Later, Mary Jane confronts Zoe about why she created the website. Zoe believed that Mary put herself above everyone else and thought herself perfect, so Zoe used the website to tear her down. Despite the suspect legality of the website, Mary Jane doesn't hold a grudge against Zoe and promises to keep the incident between the two of them. At the end of the day, Peter visits her house and the two of them eat pizza on her front stairs, promising their relationship will last forever.

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Mary Jane appears to possess the strength of a normal young adult, not unlike Mary Jane Watson of Earth-616.

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