Mary Jane shared a similar history to her Earth-96283 counterpart until one year after the death of Harry Osborn's father. After Turbo Jet had attempted to steal a Galieo telescope, he had kidnapped Mary Jane until Spider-Man was able to stop him. Later in Harry's apartment, Mary Jane and Peter shared a kiss.[1]

Mary Jane had invited Peter to an acting showcase that she was putting on, but every night that she had it, Peter kept having to leave beforehand to do some Spider-Man work. She forgave Peter after she showed up on the third night and was given a flowery gift from Peter but disappointed him she had turned around and left with her date.[2]

Later when helping Harry move into his dad's old office in Oscorp, Mary Jane told Harry that he looked a lot like his when father when he was behind a desk.[3]

When Mary Jane needed help on her first big break in the movie industry, Harry called up his friend Richard Damien. However, when she went to meet him, she found his severed head cut off by Shikata. She later witnessed Shikata regaining her youth through the moonlight that was being channeled through her magical sword. She later informed Spider-Man of this weakness and he used it to kill Shikata once and for all. Mary Jane and Spider-Man later shared a celebratory kiss.[4]

Mary Jane joined Peter on a double date with Harry and his new girlfriend, Cheyenne, but unbeknownst to her, Cheyenne was secretly the thief Talon.[5]

As Mary Jane and Peter got to be closer than friends, MJ was having trouble finding the right words to say to Peter to reveal her true feelings. As she got more and more frustrated, her and Harry saw on the news that the radio station, Empire One, was being held hostage by Pterodax and that Peter was in the building. As soon as they got there, the hostages were being freed, but before MJ could go and hug Peter, she saw him kissing his new girlfriend Indy.[6]

Some time later, as MJ was trying to develop her relationship with Peter, she tried to them to open up more about their feelings to each other. They decided to write down something personal to each other. While MJ wrote a very heartfelt and revealing note, Peter struggled to find something personal to tell her. This caused MJ to go and discuss the situation with Harry. Harry reassured her that all would be good as long as she didn't go back to Spider-Man (reminding her of his hatred of him). Later, a girl from Peter's class named Christina kidnapped Mary Jane and forced Spider-Man to come and rescue her so that Christina could convince him of her love toward him. While Christina was distracted, MJ punched her and Peter was able to save MJ but was not quick enough to save Christina from falling inside an elevator. While Christina did survive, she had become convinced that Spider-Man's true identity was that of a coffee man from around campus and this caused MJ to double check and confirm that it was not the case. Later, Peter and MJ made up and continued to develop their relationship.[7]


Seemingly those of the Mary Jane Watson of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Mary Jane Watson of Earth-616.

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