Quote1.png Thank God for Mary Jane. My best friend. My wife. Without her wisdom and strength, her humor and love... Quote2.png
-- Peter Parker src


Mary Jane Watson-Parker seemingly had a similar history as her Earth-616 counterpart.

The Battle of the Century

She when to the Daily Bugle Building to pick up her then-boyfriend, Peter Parker, being present to watch J. Jonah Jameson kick him out of the video. As they walked down the street, Peter explained that the photos he had sold Jonah were blurry, but left to claiming to be getting some water. They didn't meet up until the next day, where she accompanied him to a Daily Bugle exhibition to a space exploration demonstration. The two met Lois Lane, only for the two to be kidnapped by Lex Luthor disguised by Superman. Luthor and Doctor Octopus took them to the Injustice Gang Satellite and used them as bait to trap the real Superman along with Spider-Man. The two were able to rescue them and return them to Earth. Later that day, MJ was hanging out with Jonah, Lois and Morgan Edge when Peter and Clark Kent arrived, revealing they had gotten exclusive photos and stories. Impressed, the two businessmen gave their employees bonuses which they used to take Lois and Mary Jane out.[1]

Married Life

MJ and Peter eventually settled down and moved into a brownstone home. Mary Jane learned of Peter's life as Spider-Man and was supportive of his vigilante activities.[3]


Seemingly those of the Mary Jane Watson of Earth-616.

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