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In the alternate universe called the Legacy Planet most of earths heroes were consumed by the Legacy Virus. The reality hopping super team, the Exiles, went there on a mission to repair the unstable reality and eventually join up with Earth's Resistance. They find Mary Jane Watson aiding the Resistance as Spider-Woman and apparently she is the counterpart of Spider-Man in this reality and has the powers that Peter Parker received in Earth-616.[2]

On a later mission, two of the Exiles, Sunfire and Nocturne returned to this reality due to a mysterious glitch that separates the team. This incarnation of Mary Jane is a lesbian and during their stay, Sunfire and Mary Jane fall in love, knowing that Sunfire (and the other Exiles) could be recalled at any time. Mary Jane and Sunfire get two happy weeks together, then Sunfire and Nocturne disappear just as suddenly as they appeared and resulting in both women becoming heart-broken once again.[3]

After Sunfire's death, Morph buried her in the Legacy Planet reality to allow Mary Jane the chance to visit her grave.[4]

She was later killed by Morlun.[5]


Seemingly those of Peter Parker of Earth-616.

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