Mary Jane Watson's parents abandoned her from a young age, and she was brought up by her Aunt Anna. Mary Jane once dated Morrie Bench, but split from him after realising she had made a big mistake by seeing him.[1]

Mary Jane met Peter Parker through Aunt Anna, who knew Peter's Aunt May. She and Peter were set up on a blind date[2] and later had a relationship, but Peter (who was secretly Spider-Man) seemed to neglect her. Mary Jane then started dating and later became engaged to Peter's friend Harry Osborn, before eventually calling off their engagement and reconciling with Peter.[3]

When the Green Goblin discovered Spider-Man's true identity, he captured Mary Jane and took her to the George Washington Bridge. Spider-Man tried to save her, but she fell into a dimensional portal created by his stolen time dilation accelerator.[4] Anna blamed Peter for Mary Jane's disappearance, and hired the Punisher to find her. However, Mary Jane reappeared under mysterious circumstances, with no memory of where she had been.[5]

Peter and MJ seemingly married.[6] It was later discovered that the Mary Jane who reappeared was a clone created by Miles Warren. Shortly after this revealation, Mary Jane evaporated due to her unstable cellular structure.[7][8]

The inter-dimensional Madame Web later promised Spider-Man that she would take him to find the real Mary Jane Watson.[9]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Mary Jane Watson of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Mary Jane Watson of Earth-616.


  • The character was voiced by Sara Ballantine in Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
  • Mary Jane's capture by the Green Goblin and fall (and apparent death) from the George Washington Bridge is a nod to "The Night Gwen Stacy Died". Due to the show's standards and practices oversight, no characters were allowed to die, so instead she was forced into limbo and Spider-Man didn't know about her falling into limbo.
  • The show ended before Mary Jane's plotline could be resolved. Show-runner John Semper revealed that, if he had continued the show, Mary Jane would have been found in a Colonial England reality.


  • Mary Jane slowly supplanted Felicia Hardy as Spider-Man's primary love interest.

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