Not much is known about Mary Jane's past, although it can be assumed that it followed an identical path to that of her Earth-616 counterpart.

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Mary Jane must balance the roles of being a super-model and the wife of superhero Peter Parker!

Mary Jane was kidnapped by Venom and held in the Lizard's lair in the sewers below NYC. With help from the Lizard, Spider-Man finally located Mary Jane, dangling by a chain above a large tank in the floor of the lair. Before Spider-Man could save Mary Jane, Venom appeared and forced Spider-Man to battle him. During the fight, Venom activated switches that caused water to pour into the tank, and Spider-Man was forced to turn them off before the tank filled and Mary Jane drowned. After successfully defeating Venom, Spider-Man convinced him that it was an imposter who stole Doctor Octopus' device earlier, and the two form a truce. At that moment, the chain from which Mary Jane hung from snapped, but Venom caught her before she plunged to her death.[1]



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