Mary Jane was injured during a battle with Venom, causing her to break an arm and be taken to the hospital. She recovered with an arm cast and was released a few days later, in time to call her boyfriend Spider-Man to tell him that S.H.I.E.L.D. is "closing" the bridges and tunnels leading out of New York to quarenteen the Symbiote invasion.

She helped Luke Cage evacuate the citizens of Harlem, but was unable to stop Peter from chasing the Symbiote Black Cat. During their fight, she appeared armed with a shotgun to help Spider-Man, but when they defeated Black Cat, Peter used the symbiote to heal her, turning her into a part symbiotic version of herself. Mary Jane, in horror, told the pilot to fly away.

After the Invasion was stopped, Peter tried to call Mary Jane and apoligise for his actions, but she refused to pick up.

Alternate Endings

In a different ending, Peter decides to send Black Cat to the hospital instead of using the Symbiote to save her. At the end, Mary Jane arrives on the roof and finds Peter narrating. She asks if he will still give her a ride, which he agrees to as long as she promises to forget she found him narrating.


Markmanship - Mary Jane is shown to be a capable shotgun user.

Strength level

That of an average Human female who engages in moderate to regular excerise.


That of an average Human female who engages in moderate to regular excerise.


SHIELD Flying Transport, Luke Cage's car, SHIELD Transport



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