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Mary Jane Watson was the girlfriend of Spider-Man. She acted as an informant of the Spider-Men.

When she and Peter made a trans-dimensional family with AMP and Spider-Ma'am, Annie realized that Mary Jane was the only one in the family without powers. Seeing as how he always sent her on dangerous missions, Peter attempted to help her create a suit to protect her; however, all imports into were New York City blocked due to the invasion of the Sinister Six.

Unable to complete the suit, Annie told her of a suit her mother used to rescue her father. Peter traveled to Annie's reality and stole a suit from Empire Unlimited for MJ to utilize in battle.[1]



Seemingly those of Dennis Dunphy of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Mary Jane Watson of Earth-616.


  • MJ was called Mrs. Watson-Parker during the flashback Identity Crisis missions. While this was done to match the comics it was based on, it was never explained why they were simply dating during the main story.[1]


  • Mary Jane Watson was voiced by Tara Strong.
  • MJ was a user of "Spidey Ops."[1]

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