Mary Jane has some history similar to the MJ of Earth-92131. Like on Earth-92131, this Mary Jane's aunt, Anna Watson, was a neighbor and friend of May Parker, who tried to set up Mary Jane with May's nephew, Peter Parker. Peter dodged meeting Mary Jane for a while until after the Spider-Slayer incident.[1] Similarly, Mary Jane didn't know Peter was Spider-Man at this point.

But Mary Jane's history has major diversions from Earth-92131. After the Hobgoblin incident,[2] she and Peter decide to go to the Marvels Theme Park. While there, Doctor Octopus attacked the park while in search of Spider-Man. Mary Jane was in danger as Ock attacked her ride, but was saved by Spider-Man.[3] Some time later, she was kidnapped by the Enforcers under orders from the Kingpin, who acted in retaliation toward Peter Parker's thinly veiled threat to expose Fisk as a criminal.[4] A later incident involved her house being under attack by Ock and Venom.[5]

When the universe was destroyed, Mary Jane died along the other people in Earth.[6]

  • After Spider-Man Adventures #13, Marvel stopped adapting the episodes and began making all-new stories based on the world from Spider-Man: The Animated Series, starting with Spider-Man Adventures #14 and continuing to Adventures of Spider-Man Vol 1. Therefore, anything depicted after in the cartoon after Season 1 (such as Mary Jane's brief engagement to Harry Osborn, or her disappearance) are noncanonical to the Adventures of Spider-Man series.

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