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Mary Jane's history is presumably similar to her Earth-616 counterpart's.

She and Peter Parker used to be a relationship, but she left him due to the stress of knowing that he was Spider-Man. She eventually felt bad for walking out on Peter and went to visit him. She came upon Peter having a nightmare, and he accidentally knocked her back with his super strength. Peter woke up and apologized for hurting her. Mary Jane in turn apologized for walking out on him and realized that she needed to be there for Peter as a friend. As Peter told her that he was unraveling, she asked him about his strange new suit. Peter agreed with her that he needed to get it examined.[1]

Mary Jane later visited Peter at his apartment when he didn't show up for his Aunt May's funeral and wasn't answering his phone. She was shocked to find him hanging from tendrils in midair. Mary Jane said that the papers were all saying that Spider-Man was a killer and asked if it was true. Peter answered that it was true and expressed his desire to kill criminals so no one else like Aunt May got hurt, much to Mary Jane's horror.[2]

Later, Mary Jane met with Peter's other girlfriend Black Cat in Peter's apartment to discuss the situation with Peter and got into an argument that was interrupted when Peter was brought in by J. Jonah Jameson. Peter was no longer bonded with the black suit after a battle with the Sinister Six. However, when Peter killed the Kingpin, he ensured the world learned that Peter was Spider-Man. Consequently, the NYPD surrounded Peter's apartment to arrest him for his crimes.[3]

Peter and the others chose to flee to the roof before the police could arrive. Peter planned to take Mary Jane home and then hunt down the symbiote. However, he and Mary Jame witnessed the symbiote take over the Baxter Building by engulfing the structure in symbiote biomass. Peter blamed himself for what was happening, but he was encouraged by Mary Jane not to blame himself and that he was a good person. Peter and Mary Jane then went to the Baxter Building where the Avengers, X-Factor, and half of the Fantastic Four were trying to assess the situation. Peter convinced Captain America to allow him enter the Baxter Building and defeat the symbiote. As Peter entered, Mary Jane and the Human Torch followed him.

Mary Jane armed herself with a handgun taken from a symbiote-possessed security guard and made her way through the Baxter Building's stairwells while Peter and Human Torch traveled up an elevator shaft to get to Reed Richards' lab. Human Torch was able to get to Reed's lab where he discovered Reed possessed by the symbiote. After the symbiote unleashed a swarm of its offspring upon New York City, it tried to kill Human Torch, but it was shot at by Mary Jane who ordered the symbiote to back away from Human Torch.[4]

The symbiote revealed that Peter loved her and blamed his love for her for preventing it from fully controlling him. Torch got Mary Jane away from the symbiote before it could kill her. Mary Jane and Torch were then chased after symbiote-possessed heroes controlled by the symbiote. When Torch was hit by Captain America's shield, Mary Jane was caught by Invisible Woman before she fell to the ground. Mary Jane escaped with Torch while Invisible Woman was captured by the symbiote. The symbiote was eventually defeated when Torch impersonated Peter and tricked it into leaving Reed so he could kill it with his flames. Peter and Mary Jane made up, and she watched as Peter was found not guilty in court for the murders he committed while under the influence of the symbiote.[5]

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