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When Mary Jane Watson was around fifteen years old, she came up with an ambitious proposal to her best friend Gwen Stacy - for them to become famous rock stars together.[2] MJ's plan lay dormant until her senior year of high-school, when she and Glory Grant got into a fight that resulted in them being put in detention together, where they bonded over their shared love of music. Deciding to put together a rock group to play at prom, they recruited Gwen to be the drummer; while Betty Brant was recruited after hijacking the school's PA system to sing death metal songs.[1] As a publicity stunt, Mary Jane, Glory, Betty, and Gwen participated in a charity wrestling match with Jen Walters; though Gwen bailed on the team intending to take the prize money for herself and ended up saving Ben Parker from a thief, his advice inspiring her to start using her superpowers selflessly.[3]

The band - originally called MURDER FACE courtesy of Betty - was set to perform at the school's prom, but this was derailed by Peter Parker's transformation into the Lizard and subsequent battle with Spider-Woman. The group disbanded in the wake of Peter's funeral, but the members regrouped as the Mary Janes and channeled their grief into their music.[1] At some point, the band's manager Randy Robertson came across a talented street performer named Felicia Hardy and recruited her as a second vocalist, but she eventually left the group after nearly strangling Mary Jane with a mic cord.[4]

Two years after they graduated high school,[5] the Mary Janes' first major gig was disrupted when Gwen arrived late and then bailed on them to fight the Rhino,[6] but the ensuing publicity lead to their new song - "Face It Tiger" - becoming a modestly successful hit. Despite their success, MJ and Gwen had a falling out that nearly broke up the band,[7] though they eventually reconciled and regrouped.[8]

With Gwen's on-off membership due to her activities as Spider-Woman and later Ghost-Spider, the band struggled to find success.[9] Following Gwen spending a year in prison due to her vigilante activities,[10] the Mary Janes regrouped in an effort to recapture their former fame.[11] Ultimately, the band was broken up when Gwen was forced into exile on Earth-616 by Sue Storm and Johnny Storm,[12] and Mary Jane was abducted by the Jackal and accidentally teleported to Earth-616 by Gwen.[13]

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