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Quote1.png I made you what you are today! I molded you into the distinguished researcher who-- Otto! It-It's... my heart! Quote2.png
Mary Octavius' last words[src]


Mary Octavius was the overbearing mother of Otto Octavius, the man who would become the infamous Doctor Octopus, the arch-nemesis of Spider-Man. She supported Otto's ambition to become a scientist, because she hated the profession of her husband Torbert, who was a mere construction worker and a violent father. She opposed his machismo values of power and strength, as she declared Otto was a thinker.

When her husband died in an accident, Mary began to manipulate Otto in order to shape aspects of his life and personality, and to ensure that Otto would remain loyal to her. Her son eventually graduated college at the top of his class, and established his standing as a genius in nuclear researching.

When Otto told his mother about his engagement with fellow researcher Dr. Mary Alice Anders, she forced him to break it, because he was obligated to take care of his mother. This incident led Otto to become even colder as a person. Otto confronted Mary, when he found out that she was dating someone behind his back. She stated that she did not want to spend her time alone, and that she was "entitled to a little fun and happiness". Her son blamed her for not being able to live a "full and normal life" with Dr. Anders. Mary shouted back, but suddenly died because of a heart attack. Three weeks after her death an accident happened to Otto, causing Otto to become the super villain Doctor Octopus.[1]


  • When Mary Octavius died, she was 57 years old. [1]

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