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Quote1.png Mary. She's like... she's like if Doctor Doom was a computer engineering student, but also, hadn't decided to be evil. Quote2.png
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Mary Mahajan attends ESU to study Computer Science and has an interest in doomsday engines and killer computers.[4]

Mary was one of the many ESU CS students sent back in time by Cody. She assisted Doreen Green and Nancy Whitehead in defeating Doctor Doom.[5]

She began dating Tomas Lara-Perez and became friends with Doreen, Nancy Whitehead, and Ken Shiga.[6][4]



  • Mary's favorite animal is the horse.[3]
  • The "Things My Ideal Partner Would Do" section of Mary's old dating profile included items such as "engineering", "mad science", "regular science too I guess," and "defiantly threatening a super villain on my or a friend's behalf."[7]
  • If typed into Google, "Mary Mahajan" will autocomplete with "Mary Mahajan doomsday scorpion tank."[8]

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