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Early Life[]

Mary Fitzpatrick, born to the enigmatic former C.I.A. operative William "Wild Will" Fitzpatrick and a mother whose presence in her life was tragically brief due to untimely demise, embarked on a journey shaped by her lineage and circumstances. Raised in an environment where secrecy and adventure seemed to be the norm. Sent to prestigious institutions for her education, Mary thrived academically, especially in the sciences. However, her scholastic pursuits were interrupted by the somber news of her father's passing, delivered to her while she was far from home, deepening the sense of loss and leaving her to grapple with the complexities of her familial legacy. Despite the weight of her father's clandestine past and the abrupt void his absence left in her life, Mary remained resilient, drawing strength from the resilience instilled in her through her upbringing.[3]


With her outstanding academic record and her father's connections, Mary was recruited to join the C.I.A. by Nick Fury as a translator and analyst. There, she crossed paths with Richard Parker, a seasoned field agent. Despite their differing backgrounds, they quickly fell in love, bonding over their shared dedication to their work. Their relationship blossomed amidst the challenges of espionage, proving that love could flourish even in the midst of secrecy and danger.[3] Their missions were overseen by Emile Chigaru, who served as their dedicated controller and maintained a secure safe house in Switzerland.[4] Witnessing the clandestine union of Ben and May in a secret wedding ceremony, Richard and Mary stood as silent witnesses to their love. Six months later, they joyously attended the public celebration of Ben and May's marriage.[5] In due time, Richard and Mary exchanged vows themselves, with Ben and May by their side to share in their happiness.[3] During their tenure, Richard and Mary uncovered the treacherous double dealings of the Russian assassin known as the Deadmaker, who operated as a Hydra double agent. Trading this critical intelligence to the Russians, they facilitated the release of three American agents held captive by the enemy.[6]

Collaborating closely, Mary and Richard found themselves embroiled in a perilous confrontation against a faction of fascists, possibly under the leadership of figures like Baron Zemo or Baron Strucker. Their mission: to secure Reich's Hope, a coveted cache of Nazi gold guarded by a formidable Sleeper robot hidden within the desolate expanse of Egypt's desert. Despite facing overwhelming odds, the Parkers emerged victorious, thwarting the fascist threat and safeguarding the gold with a state-of-the-art biometric lock. This ingenious measure ensured that only Richard, or a closely resembling relative, possessed the means to unlock the treasure's vault.[4]

Outside of their daring exploits, the Parkers shared moments with Ben and his beloved May, though their differing temperaments often led to lighthearted friction. While Ben's penchant for humor contrasted sharply with the Parkers' serious demeanor, their bond remained steadfast amidst the laughter.[7]

Baron Strucker[]

At the Imperial Casino on the French Riviera, Mary and Richard encountered the fascist aristocrat Baroness Adelicia von Krupp and arms dealer Guenter Schmidt. Observing suspicious activities, Richard followed von Krupp to her yacht, the Scheherazade. Sneaking aboard, he overheard von Krupp discussing the capture of Agent Ten. When discovered by a guard, Richard subdued him with knockout gas before diving off the yacht to evade pursuit, sustaining a gunshot wound in the process. Mary assisted him ashore just as von Krupp escaped via helicopter, destroying the yacht. The following day, they briefed the US Ambassador on their discoveries, learning that Agent Ten held vital information for a friendly power. Determined to rescue him before his secrets were compromised, they acquired equipment from CIA quartermaster Boothroyd and flew to Bombay. After two days of reconnaissance, Richard spotted the Baroness entering a secret hideout. Pretending to be oblivious tourists, they were captured and brought before the Baroness and her masked superior, secretly Baron Strucker, who revealed Agent Ten as the Canadian secret agent Logan. As they attempted to extract information from Richard, Mary intervened, enabling Richard to neutralize their captors. Amid the chaos, a stray shot ignited the hideout, prompting Logan to rescue the Parkers while Strucker and the Baroness fled. Mary, overcome, was tended to by Richard and Logan, where it was revealed she was pregnant. Amidst congratulations, Richard assured Mary of their child's potential, expressing confidence in their parenting abilities.[3]

Peter Parker[]

Peter Parker (Earth-616) as an infant with his parents Richard and Mary Parker from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 600

Mary Parker had her first child, who they named Peter Parker.[7] They gave him the middle name Benjamin after Richards brother.[8] Shortly after his birth, young Peter found himself unwittingly targeted by the malevolent time travelling tyrant Kang, the Conqueror whose sinister agenda sought to eradicate him as a means of destabilizing one iteration of the renowned superhero team, the Avengers. However, Kang's nefarious scheme was ultimately thwarted, thanks to the vigilance and valor of those allied against him.[9] They also had a daughter, Teresa Parker though the latter was born in secret.[1] As he grew older, Richard and Mary endeavored to remain active in their son's life, eagerly participating in pivotal moments such as his school play. During this memorable occasion, Peter was cast in the role of an ant. However, when the moment arrived for him to deliver his solitary line, he found himself paralyzed with stage fright, unable to utter a single word.[10] On a mission at their secure Swiss safehouse, Mary confided in Richard about her concerns regarding Peter's comprehension of the difficult decisions they had made. Richard, however, reassured her with a steadfast belief that their trials would one day conclude, paving the way for the three of them to reunite as a complete family unit. Yet, Mary hinted at the possibility of their family getting bigger.[4]

Master Matrix[]

When Peter was still young, Mary and Richard, found themselves drawn into the covert world of S.H.I.E.L.D., courtesy of Nick Fury's recruitment efforts.[11] Their keen intellects were soon put to the test when they stumbled upon a cache of components belonging to Master Matrix, an extraordinary Life-Model Decoy, amidst the shadowy depths of a Hydra weapons depot tucked away on a remote, uncharted island.[12] Undeterred by the daunting task, Richard and Mary embarked on the ambitious endeavor of reconstructing Master Matrix. However, amidst the whirring of gears and the hum of technological innovation, Mary couldn't shake the profound conviction that Matrix was not merely a machine, but a sentient being deserving of autonomy. She fervently argued that S.H.I.E.L.D. should release Matrix from its servitude. Their project took a dramatic turn when Nick Fury, their commanding officer, issued a directive to cease their work, compelling them to abandon their creation and return to the comfort of their familial haven, where their son Peter awaited. Yet, the mystery surrounding Master Matrix continued to gnaw at Fury's curiosity. In a surprising turn of events, he eventually acceded to activating the machine, driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge regarding its origins and capabilities. However, fate dealt a cruel blow when an inadvertent discharge of energy during the activation process left Mary injured and filled Richard and Mary with overwhelming guilt.[13] In the wake of this tragedy, Richard and Mary faced a moral quandary: whether to dismantle Master Matrix or to preserve it, albeit in stasis, as a testament to their ethical dilemma and the potential consequences of meddling with forces beyond their control. In the end, they chose the latter, opting to keep Master Matrix in a state of suspended animation, its fate and purpose yet to be determined.[14]


Mary and Richard left Peter with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May.[15][16] They assured them that they would not be gone long.[17] Despite heartfelt pleas from Ben and May, they departed, concealing the true nature of their mission. They embarked on a perilous mission to infiltrate the clandestine organization of the Communist Red Skull in Algeria In Algeria, the Parkers frequented a local restaurant in the casbah while successfully penetrating the Skull's ranks. During their covert operations, they encountered Charlie Shaddock, a Skull agent embedded as a mole within the F.B.I.. However, their cover was compromised when the Skull uncovered their treachery. Manipulating events, he coerced them into transporting crucial documents, with the, another of his operatives, overseeing their departure from Algeria in a sabotaged plane. Tragically, the aircraft crashed shortly after lift-off, claiming the lives of Richard and Mary Parker. The restaurant's owner identified their bodies, following orders from the Skull to fabricate evidence framing them as CIA turncoats. Their supposed betrayal garnered media attention in America, prompting Ben and May to shield Peter from the painful truth.[17]


May and Ben erected headstones in Mary and Richard's honor at a New York cemetery, though it remains uncertain if their bodies were repatriated from Algeria for burial beneath them.[18] On a poignant visit, Peter, May, and Peter's wife Mary Jane Watson paid respects at the Parkers' graves.[7] Years later, assuming the mantle of Spider-Man, Peter journeyed to Algeria, confronting the Red Skull and vindicating his parents' legacy.[17] Years later, under the mistaken belief that Richard and Mary were alive (later revealed as robotic imposters), May made a solemn pilgrimage to their graves[7] Upon discovering Peter's alter ego as Spider-Man, May returned to the Parker graves, her perspective forever altered.[18]

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