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Quote1.png I had Magneto's daughter - the Scarlet Witch - murdered. I knew Magneto would then declare war on mankind and when it was over... I would be there to pick up the pieces. I... never imagined that Magneto either had the power or the will -- to destroy the human race... What good is a king if there is no kingdom...? Quote2.png
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Mary Storm was a scientist and the estranged wife of Franklin Storm. She abandoned her husband and two children, Susan and Johnny in order to pursue her career. She came back into their lives for a brief time, but the reunion was bittersweet. Susan never forgave her mother for abandoning them. The reason she came back to her family's lives was due to her long sought discovery of Atlantis. Mary recruited her children and the Fantastic Four in exploring the sunken city and eventually releasing Namor. [1] It was later revealed that Mary had (for sometime) secretly aligned herself with Latverian dictator Victor van Damme, aka Doctor Doom, who sponsored the Atlantis exploration.

After the real Doctor Doom trapped himself in the Zombieverse,[2] a secret contingency plan which involved a replacement was activated. Mary Storm stepped in as the new Doctor Doom.[3]

Mary Storm (Earth-1610) from Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol 1 58 0001.jpg

She was revealed to be the one controlling Ultron who manipulated the events of Scarlet Witch's death.[4]

As Mary Storm, she returned to aid Sue when she was near death after events from Ultimatum. Sue's condition continued to worsen. As a result, Ben Grimm and Arthur Molekevic shrunk to microscopic size to remove nanites from her system. Mary Storm monitored the expedition and helped the two navigate Sue's internal organs through radio contact. [5]

After Sue's recovery, Mary, Sue, and Ben Grimm traveled to Atlantis to search for the Equinox Antenna which could help them locate Reed Richards and Johnny Storm. After facing resistance from Doctor Dorcas, the group was able to find the Antenna and locate their two missing team mates. Sue appeared to be thankful to her mother for her help. [6]

Doctor Doom's sudden death by Ben Grimm

Doom's manipulations of the conflict between Magneto and the Ultimates ultimately caused the devastating Ultimatum event. In the wake of the global catastrophe, Doom's Latveria suffered a little ice age, covering the entire castle and nation under deep snow and ice.[7] Doom along with Zarda confronted Reed Richards, and forged a plan to retrieve Nick Fury from Earth-31916. Once finding Fury, Doom was forced to revealed her responsibility for the Scarlet Witch's death and its repercussions. Doom expected that Magneto would simply overthrow humanity, but not taking his vengeance upon the world. Doom later helped in the battle against Magneto.[8]

Afterword, Doom returned to her frozen kingdom and was killed by Ben Grimm as Grimm and Richards had ultimately decided that Doom's continuing existence would still endanger the world much worse as similar to or greater than Ultimatum.[9]

The true Doctor Doom later returned,[10] and he revealed to Ben Grimm that Mary Storm had been his replacement.[11]


  • Mary Storm was shown with a distinctive green dragon tattoo on her back in Ultimate Fantastic Four #26. The tattoo is actually a series of microfibers that are latched to the human brain stem that is used to mentally control whoever wears it using an electromagnetic alarm.[12]

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