The daughter of renowned scientist Dr. Keigi Iosama. The Japanese super hero team Big Hero Six were sent to protect her and her father from a super villain, who possessed people to commit her crimes. She bonded a lot with the member of Big Hero Six Hiro Takachihno as they had a mutual love for technology, both having designed a pair of advanced glasses that could access the Internet.

The team went to school with her but, after a football game, the team member Honey Lemon was possessed by the villain. They all sailed to a facility where her father works called Plum Island, when they were attacked, with Dr Iosama, Furi Wamu and Honey Lemon were possessed and fought the team. Marys and Furi sneaked into the facility, where they faced off against the villain, but she possessed Marys, leaving Furi to fight her. Luckily Furi outsmarted both of them and took down the villain, releasing her hold on all of his friends. They also discovered a ship of aliens beneath the facility.

After the Americans took Wamu and Baymax into custody, Marys' and her father harboured the heroes and aided them in their escape, before helping the aliens get back to their home world by fixing their ship.

She has stayed on with her father at Long Island since and presumably followed the same career as him, though her whereabouts at the moment are not known.


Brilliant mind.


Not very physical.


Created a pair of advanced glasses that could access the Internet on one lens while maintaining normal sight on the other.

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