Quote1 Once we were guided by vengeance, as were you. Wanton violence was our purpose, as was yours. We abandoned that path, as have you. Yet we have found a new purpose, a new destiny. The Makoto live for the harmony of the soul. We offer to share our purpose with you. Quote2
-- Masao src

Masao was the leader of Makoto, a group of ninja that escaped from The Hand after they refused to commit suicide for failing to eliminate Daredevil and Elektra. Masao persuaded Shi to join their group to find harmony and serenity, but Masao actually utilized the body of Ana to be used as a vessel for the demon Oni-Makoto so that she would generate a new breed of warriors.[1]

Shi would escape with the help of Daredevil. The Makoto tracked them down to Saint Patrick's Cathedral and kidnapped them. They started a ritual to give Oni-Makoto possession of Shi's body, but Daredevil intervened. As a last resort, Masao committed suicide, sacrificing himself to allow Oni-Makoto to take form.[2]

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