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Among the tribes of the Republic of the Congo, there was a legend that they would be protected by a Jungle Queen and that the only being that could defeat her was a creature known as the Mask of Doom. When tribal leader M'Tuba trained Lorna the daughter of his late explorer friend to survive in the jungle, he believed that Lorna was that Jungle Queen and decided to keep the prophecy of the Mask of Doom a secret.[1]

By 1955 an enterprising criminal learned of the legend of the Mask of Doom, and seeking to rule over the jungle decided to disguise himself as the Mask and defeat Lorna in order to win that title. To this end he captured Lorna's pet monkey Mikki prompting Lorna to seek out M'Tuba and Greg Knight an explorer that Lorna had befriended during her many adventures. Both Greg and M'Tuba knew of the legends and dismissed Lorna's stories of a masked man kidnapping Mikki. However Lorna overheard them talk afterward and went off to find Mikki on her own. During her hunt for the Mask of Doom, she found herself caught up in constricting vines and confronted by the Mask of Doom.[1]

Despite the trap, Lorna managed to break free and force the Mask of Doom back. Edging close enough to a nearby river, the Mask's costume was torn off by the nearby crocodiles revealing him to be a normal man. At that moment, Mikki who had escaped captivity, led Greg and M'Tuba to the scene of the fight and Greg -- holding the Mask at gunpoint-- force him to stand down. Unmasked, the man explained his lofty ambitions and then surrendered to the authorities. His subsequent fate is unknown.[1]


The Mask of Doom wielded a sword.

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