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Quote1.png This all started with the Human Torch, but it'll end with the Masked Raider. Quote2.png
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This mysterious man was entrusted the Eternity Mask by Jerome Hamilton, the vigilante known as Blind Justice, before he died by the hand of the Enclave.[1] The Enclave was a secret cabal of scientists bent on ruling the world against whom Blind Justice had waged war. Having realized that he needed to take responsibility for the power he had been given, the man gathered several interviews with different superheroes, even doing a few on his own, in order to get into their mindset and mentally prepare himself to carry on Hamilton's fight as the new Masked Raider.[2]

Following the death of the undercover Skrull Bel-Dann at the hands of the Cotati, the Eternity Mask nudged the Masked Raider to the location of his body. Having deduced that the body didn't involve the Enclave, the Masked Raider realized the Eternity Mask wanted someone else to see the corpse. Noticing that Daredevil and Elektra were sparring in a rooftop nearby, the Masked Raider called their attention and entrusted Daredevil to solve the mystery before leaving.[1]

He later went to stop Carlo Zota creating Adam IV but arrived late and witnessed Korvak escaping, he went to confront Zota but he grabbed an old spell book and started to summon a time-travel spell. The Raider shot the spell book mid-spell causing magic to fill the room and Zota to disappear. He went to see Doctor Strange and told him of the crisis, Strange summoned a new team of Defenders to deal with this threat and sent them back in time after Zota to the Sixth Cosmos where they had to confront that universe's planet-eater, Omnimax.[3] They teamed up with that world's hero, Taaia, who turned out to be the mother of Galactus, the present universe's current planet-eater. The Raider witnessed The Silver Surfer seemingly trying to kill the infant Galen but when he confronted him on it, the Surfer explained that he was just trying to teach him compassion so he may hold back more in the future. He asked the Surfer if he knew who he really was and he admitted he could read his aura, but expressed no desire to reveal his identity. The next day the team confronted Omnimax in space but the Raider had to stay on the sidelines because mimicking Omnimax's powers would also give him his hunger. Carlo Zota appeared as his herald but the Silver Surfer defeated him by stealing his powers while Doctor Strange and Taaia defeated Omnimax by combining his magic with her science. After it was over the team, as well as Zota were sucked further back in time to the Fifth Cosmos, leaving the Silver Surfer.[4]

Powers and Abilities


The Masked Raider is nothing more than a simple human, but thanks to the Eternity Mask, he is granted the following powers:

  • Power Mimicry: The main power that the Eternity Mask bestows the Masked Raider, as long as his intentions are good, is the ability to become equal in power and skills to anyone he faces, unless they are below the Masked Raider's natural abilities.[1]
  • Cosmic Awareness: The Masked Raider possesses enhanced consciousness giving him the sensation of oneness with the universe. He was able to sense time and space distorting.[5] The Eternity Mask makes the Masked Raider know when something of importance is happening, and it's capable of exerting a "pull" on the him, making him go wherever it wants to show him something of interest.[1]



Eternity Mask: An ancient mask created by the medieval occultist group of the Guild of Strange Science from Eternity's substance which allowed him to copy the powers and abilities of his opponents.[2]


  • Two Guns

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