The man known as the Beetle was a Japanese scientist who was active during the 1940s. He worked in the United States along with his assistant, another deformed man named Magu. When World War II broke out, the Beetle -- a loyalist of Imperial Japan -- began experimenting with Japanese Beetles by trying to make their bites poisonous to humans in an attempt to unleash a swarm against the American people. His assistant Magu refused to assist in this and rushed out to try and capture as many of his first attempts despite his physical limitations.

It took some of these beetles reaching New York City and biting Toro to prompt the Human Torch to investigate. Luckily for the Torch and Toro, the first batch of beetles were not lethally poisonous. They tracked the beetles migration south and found Magu, who told them of the Beetle's plot.

Rushing to the Beetle's hideout, the heroes and Magu fell through a trap door and were challenged by the Beetle who had mastered a means of unleashing poisoned beetles. While the heroes broke out of their imprisonment, the Beetle had captured the Torch's secretary Janice Perry and suspended her over a pit of the deadly beetles. While the Torch and Toro freed Janice, Magu battled the Beetle. During the struggle, the Beetle was knocked into his own pit of poisoned bugs and died from their lethal bites.[2]


The Beetle genetically engineered Japanese Beetles that had poisonous bites. They also were more resistant to colder temperatures and thus were not effected by typical insect migration patterns.

Real name revealed in the Marvel Mystery Handbook: 70th Anniversary Special #1 (2009)

Kochu is the Japanese word for Beetle[Japanese-English/English-Japanese Dictionary---Random House(1997)].

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