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The Massachusetts Academy was a college preparatory school for grades seven through twelve, founded in the 1700 in the Berkshire Mountains of Snow Valley, Massachusetts. The Academy was one of the oldest and most respected college preparatory schools in the United States. Run by a board of trustees, a young mutant Emma Frost became chairperson of the board and ran the school.[1]

In addition to a large student body, Frost recruited young superhuman mutants and trained them in the use of their powers at her school, so that they might use those powers on the Inner Circle's behalf. Most of these mutant students were members of a team called the Hellions.[1]

Frost encountered the X-Men, when she attempted to recruit young mutant Kitty Pryde for her school. Kitty chose to go to the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, but later, Kitty's parents reconsidered allowing her in the Xavier's School and enrolled her into the Massachusetts Academy. Emma used that opportunity to switch bodies with Storm, who had driven Kitty there, while Shaw attacked the X-Men with a new design of Sentinels. After using Emma’s telepathy, Storm was able to gain her body back and the X-Men destroyed the Sentinels.[2][3]

Later, she invited Doug Ramsey to her school, bringing her back into contact with Kitty. After capturing Kitty and Doug, Emma was unaware that Kitty and Magik shared a rapport and the New Mutants came to their rescue. After having the New Mutants battle the Hellions, Kitty caused enough chaos for Magik to teleport them all away.[4]

While battling with the virtually omnipotent Beyonder, the New Mutants were killed, obliterated from existence, and then recreated by him. In being recreated, the New Mutants, somehow, lost much of the proficiency in using their superhuman powers that they had learned at Prof. Xavier's school and seemed detached. Emma used this opportunity and sent her astral form to speak with the new headmaster, Magneto, and offered her services with rehabilitating the children. Emma also had Empath effect Magneto's emotions of fears, insecurities, paranoia, and temperament, until he transferred all of the New Mutants, except Mirage and Warlock, to the Massachusetts Academy. The New Mutants, with the exception of Magik, adjusted surprisingly well and Emma made a lot of progress in their mental therapy. After the New Mutants left to rescue Magneto, Emma and Magneto worked together to cure the children of their trauma at the hands of the Beyonder and they returned to Professor Xavier's.[citation needed]

After hearing of an animal creature that was being mistreated after capture, Emma allowed the Hellions to participate in a contest with the New Mutants to abduct Bird Brain, where Magma and Empath revealed their mutual attraction to each other, and, after returning home victorious, Magma decided to return to the Massachusetts Academy. While picking-up Magma, Emma suggested to Magneto that Magma was better suited for the Massachusetts Academy and possibly some of her students were better accustomed to the Xavier's School. While living with the Hellions, Magma was ordered by her father to return home, to her arranged marriage, and Emma suggested she comply. Emma also ordered Empath to accompany Magma.[citation needed]

Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters[]

While attempting a truce with the X-Men at the Hellfire Club, the Hellions, X-Men, and Emma were attacked by Sentinels, sent by Trevor Fitzroy, and Emma was sent into a deep coma. Emma was cared for at the Xavier's School and had ironically left her school to Professor Charles Xavier, in her will. Upon emerging from her coma, Emma learned that the majority of the Hellions had died in the attack from Fitzroy. After the death of the Hellions, Frost temporarily retired from teaching and withdrew from the Hellfire Club. Reexamining her teaching methods, Frost would align herself with Professor Xavier and the Massachusetts Academy reopened as the new site of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Together with co-headmaster Sean Cassidy (Banshee), Frost would train a new class of young mutants, Generation X.[citation needed]

After a period of operating as a school exclusively for the training of mutants, the Massachusetts Academy would resume functioning as a broader educational facility.[citation needed]

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