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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) is a private, coeducational, research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the United States of America. M.I.T. has five schools and one college, containing a total of 32 academic departments, with a strong emphasis on scientific and technological research. M.I.T. is one of two private land-grant universities and is also a sea-grant and space-grant university.


M.I.T. alumni include Otto Octavius (who graduated at the top of his class),[1] Tony Stark (who joined an undergraduate program at the age of fifteen and majored in physics and electrical engineering),[2] Sunset Bain(who seduced Stark into revealing the security codes for Stark Industries),[3] Tony attended alongside his friend Jules and his school rival Mike Miles, who he bested throughout their academic career and in numerous government contracts thereafter.[4] Morley Erwin (who gained masters in electrical engineering),[5] Erik Killmonger (PhD in Engineering and Master of Business Administration),[6] Jeanne Foucault (who graduated at age of fourteen)[7]

Years later, Tony returned to his alma mater, for a reunion where he reconnected with Jules and crossed paths with Mike once again. However, Mike had nefarious plans and infected Tony with a digital virus, gaining control of the Iron Man armor and causing it to wreak havoc on Jules' lab. Tony was able to regain control of the armor and traced the source of the virus back to Mike's lab. Where Mike was arrested for his actions.[4]

Massachusetts Institute of Technology from Uncanny Avengers Vol 3 2

When the Avengers Unity Division faced off against a villain calling himself "The Shredded Man" in the streets of Boston, Massachusetts, Johnny Storm hightailed it over to M.I.T. to find people to help curtail the plant creatures the Shredded Man was spawning. However, they only had questions about Reed Richards' work.[8]

Shortly after that, a 15-year-old student Riri Williams caused a commotion when she stole campus equipment to build her own prototype Iron Man Armor based on a reverse-engineered version of Tony Stark's own designs. When campus security caught notice of her suspicious activities, Riri was prompted to don the suit of armor and fly away.[9]

Alternative Realities[]

New Universe (Earth-148611)[]

The five teenagers who composed the Troubleshooters were brilliant students at the M.I.T., being tutored by Professor Jennifer Swensen.[10]

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)[]

Tony Stark attended M.I.T. at an incredibly young age, graduating summa cum laude with seventeen years. Stark's best friend, Jim Rhodes also appeared to have attended M.I.T.[11]

Anthony Stark (Earth-199999) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology from Captain America- Civil War 001

Tony Stark debuting B.A.R.F. and the September Foundation Grant

Several decades later, he gave a presentation, showing his latest technology regarding holographic therapy and announcing the creation of a fund, the September Foundation Grant, to provide for every project at M.I.T. Following the event, Stark was confronted in the halls of the institute by Miriam Sharpe, a mother whose son had died in Sokovia during a battle between Stark's Avengers and the supervillain Ultron.[12]

Peter Parker applied to M.I.T. to get a fresh start in life following accusations of murdering Mysterio, but M.I.T. rejected his college application, as well as those of Ned and MJ due to their association with Spider-Man. In an attempt to get them admitted to M.I.T., Parker approached Doctor Strange to let the world forget he was Spider-Man, but accidentally fractured the multiverse. Parker, however, was able to convince an M.I.T. admissions officer to let MJ and Ned to M.I.T. after saving her from Doctor Octopus. After Strange erased all memory of Peter Parker from the universe, Ned and MJ were accepted to M.I.T.[13]




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