Quote1 You'd monologue a lot faster if you didn't try to sniff the air with your tongue every time you made an "S" sound. Quote2
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The Massster was a criminal with the ability to control snakes. He used his snakes to take hostage a laboratory in New York City, where there was a machine which could turn any tissue into a mouse, so he could use the machine to create an infinite source of food for his army to take over the world.

Massster (Earth-616) from Deadpool Annual Vol 3 2 002

Rat form

Deadpool, who was at the time impersonating Spider-Man in a scheme to capture the Chameleon, discovered the trail of snakes left by the Massster, and followed it to the laboratory, where he encountered the villain. The Massster identified himself after Deadpool asked him who he was and revealed his plan. After Deadpool tried to punch him, the Massster threw a snake at his face. With the snake's tail, Deadpool slammed Massster into the machine, and it caused him to be turned into a giant rat, which begun rampaging across the city.

Using a NYPD helicopter, Deadpool defeated the transformed Masster by crashing the vehicle into him. As the tissue from the transformed Massster was unstable because of the transformation, the crash caused Massster to revert back to his normal form. He was then apprehended by authorities.[1]

The Massster returned some time later and used his ability to control snakes in an attempt to take control of a subway station to use as his domicile. He was confronted by Gwenpool, who used her fourth wall-breaking powers to exile him and his posse of snakes to the Gutter Space.[2]


Zoopathy: The Massster can control snakes.[1]

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