The man who became known as the master was a member of an order of Monks that lived in the Himalayan mountains over five hundred years ago. Vegetarians by choice, they made a yearly trek to the bottom of the mountains to purchase food to last them the year. It was a dangerous trip that claimed many lives. On one particular year, the entire order succumbed to the elements except for the man who would become the Master. In his wanders he discovered a race of people that eventually came to be known as the Chosen. These beings were unable to live anywhere except for the coldest climates of the upper mountains. Savages to begin with, the Master taught them language and science and helped them build a somewhat advanced Utopian society. The Master ruled over the Chosen people for about sixty years before the Master died of old age. [1] Some of the Chosen's most devoted followers placed the Master's body in a Entropy Chamber, a device that kept his body alive. Although his soul had expired, the Master's body continued to live and function not quite dead, but not quite alive either. He body endured in this state for centuries. [2]

By the modern age, the Chosen were ruled by the tyrannical Ternak who sought to conquer the entire planet for his people. To this end he developed a Climate Cannon to create a new ice age so his people could leave their traditional mountain home. This plot was stumbled upon by Fantastic Four members the Human Torch and Medusa whose plane was shot down by an increasingly paranoid Ternak. Ternak had them captured and explained his plans. But the eventually escaped. [1] The pair were brought to the Master by one of his followers who explained how he had "cheated" death. He then gave the Fantastic Four a weapon to use as a last resort to stop Ternak and his fanatics. Joined by the Thing, the Fantastic Four battled Ternak and his followers. The battle ending with Ternak seemingly slain. Medusa activated the weapon and it changed all of the Chosen into normal humans, allowing them to leave their domain without harm of the warmer climates, ending the hostilities. [2]

The fate of the Master following this is unknown.

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