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Not much is known about this demon, who is referred to as Satan. It was in charge of a hell realm which held souls of the damned. These souls included the man who posed as the Red Skull in the late 1940s after World War II ended. The souls of those who would end up the property of this demon were all transcribed in a book of the damned.

In 1949, this Red Skull impostor managed to get a hold of the book and inscribe the name of his enemy, Captain America. Captain America was brought to Hell and brought before this incarnation of Satan. Satan was surprised to find Captain America among his souls, and soon learned how it was possible. Satan was furious that he had been thus tricked and the Red Skull attempted to convince Satan that now that Captain America's soul was claimed it could not be returned.

However, the absolute ruler of this realm, Satan instead decreed that Captain America and the Red Skull would fight to the finish, the winner being restored to life. Captain America easily bested his opponent in battle and Satan was true to his word and restored Captain America to life.[2]

The subsequent fate of this Satan is unknown.

Powers and Abilities


As ruler of his own Hell Realm, Satan has vast magical powers the extent of which are unknown. He has exhibited the ability to transport souls to his domain and restore the dead back to life.


  • It is unknown if this version of Satan is one of the many Hell-Lords who called themselves Satan at one time or another, or another entity all together.

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