The Master Matrix was built in an abandoned S.H.I.E.L.D. facility by Richard and Mary Parker based on Hydra plans.[1] He was originally created as weapon which would control the other Life-Model Decoys, despite the intentions of his creators for him to have a better life. However, he had been in stasis for years, until Chameleon activated various LMDs of superheroes for them to commit crime on his behalf, allowing Matrix to connect to the LMDs. The LMDs are successful in waking Matrix, after subduing Chameleon, Spider-Man, Oldpool and their teammates. After battling the superheroes again, Matrix stated that he will wipe out humanity and with the other LMDs vanished. When Spider-Man and his future self tried to relocate him, they found him their parents graves. Matrix decided to not kill the humanity and instead help the Spider-Men fight Chameleon, who was riding a Galactus LMD, which was created as a counterplan for Matrix by Nick Fury. They are then joined by Deadpool and his future self in the battle and Matrix sacrifised himself in order to protect Deadpool. As the battle went on, the LMDs came fixing their Master and at his request they fuse together in order to stop Chameleon. After the defeat of Chameleon, Spider-Man and Deadpool decided to teach Master Matrix to be a better man.[2]

Then Spider-Man and Deadpool tried to help Matrix become a hero, but due to his instability, Mockingbird gives Spider-Man a Killswitch in case when Matrix goes berserk. As Matrix tried to help his "dads" in fighting the Wrecking Crew, they were teletransported in the Savage Land via Asgardian portals used by the Wrecking Crew. After Matrix destroyed the Killswitch that Spider-Man gave him, Matrix created an artificial portal based on the Asgardian technology and helped Spider-Man, Deadpool and the Warriors Three in defeating the Wrecking Crew. Realising the threat that he poses, Matrix undoes the troubles caused by Deadpool and willingly locked himself at Area 14. He also created a working Killswitch and gave to Mockingbird in the case. He assures his dads that he is going to be fine here and convinced them to take a trip together in order to grow their bond.[3]


  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Energy Blast
  • LMD Hive Mind: Master Matrix is connected to the other Life-Model Decoys
  • LMD Manipulation: Master Matrix is able to change the appearance of the LMDs and can fuse with them



  • Instability: Master Matrix is mentally unstable, though he is improving
  • Killswitch: this device is able to permantly shut down Master Matrix

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