Not much is known about the past of the Master Megalo. He was a scientist who became obsessed with creating animal/human hybrids he called Megalos, experimenting on himself and others creating an army of the creatures from his secret hideout on a remote island. Seeking to build his civilization and create more of his Megalos, he and his minions attacked the island of Pagano. There they stole a church steeple, the tin roof of the local shop and a supply of food. That attack prompted the people of the island to call the Sub-Mariner for help.

By the time Namor had tracked down the Master Megalo and his creatures they had captured local nurse Grace Johnson and cargo of medical supplies from a passing ship. Clashing with the Sub-Mariner, the Master Megalo was stabbed through the chest with a surgical scalpel, Namor then caused the entire cavern to collapse killing the Megalo Master's creations as well.[1]


The Master Megalo was a brilliant yet mad surgeon who could transplant any part of the human body to that of an animal.


The Master Megalo wore a diving suit, but it is unknown if he actually required to wear it to breath underwater or not as he was never depicted as wearing the diving helmet.

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