Former Director of Weapon X, Malcolm Colcord fought a war with mutantkind with his Sentinel army created by Box and seemed to be on the verge to succeed. Box was on the verge of exhaustion creating Colcord’s sentinel army and created Bot in order to help with his objectives.[1]

Five years from now, after Colcord sees Bot working explained he was aiding Box in the creation of additional sentinel units as production levels have decreased the last few years to Box exhaustion. So, Bot hooked Box up to a machine to increase the number of Sentinel and to allow Box to rest. Colcord didn’t authorize this, but Bot did this, as it was the correct course of action with Colcord agreeing. Nineteen years later, Bot has transformed himself to the new Master Mold imprisoning Box inside his newly transformed shell and took control over the Sentinel army. The newly named Master Mold implemented Human Directive #5342, sending normal mutants into observation camps to detect if they had the mutant gene and be exterminated. Colcord objected to this, but Master Mold had become in charge and became the new dominant force on the planet. After Weapon X's fall, Master Mold’s current fate and whereabouts are unknown.[2]

Powers and Abilities


  • Robot: As a robot, Master Mold is immune to poisons, sickness and mind attacks. He can also survive underwater or without air. His hull provides him with protection. His brain module can be detached and repair themselves, building a new body providing that they find enough metal; anyone touching the brain module suffers electric damage.
  • Sentinel: Being a Sentinel, he has all the weapons of Mk I Sentinels and Mk III Sentinels.
  • Mutant detection.
  • Flight.
  • Tracking misiles.
  • Sleep-inducing Beacon.
  • Mind control.
  • Ice-blast.


Superhuman with an unknown upper limit.



Internal weapons.


Flight under his own power.

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