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Master Mold was a program designed by Bolivar Trask to fabricate and coordinate the Sentinels. It enabled the Sentinels to learn and combat mutants. The X-Men managed to destroy its terminals but the program simply escaped into a damaged Sentinel body.[1]

In the future, Master Mold somehow caused the Sentinels to dominate the world, hunt down and imprison mutants and turned Earth into a dystopian wasteland. Some humans, such as Colonel Moss, were made into cyborgs and assigned as wardens of the detainment camps. The purpose of holding mutants was to replicate their powers.[2] The capture of Xavier, along with a reverse-engineered Cerebro, allowed Master Mold to determine the locations of every remaining mutant.[3] The future X-Men led by Charles Xavier led a full out assault on the compound before the world's mutants could be attacked. However, the X-Men of the present managed to prevent this terrible future from ever happening with only Xavier seeming to retain knowledge of its events.[4]

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