Quote1.png One cannot kill a being such as I. Quote2.png
-- Master Programmer src


The Master Programmer was an enemy of Spider-Man had been manipulating the hero's life for years. He figured out that Spider-Man was really Peter Parker and created virtual reality constructions to be his neighbors. He eventually married one of them: Mary Jane Watson.


During the Clone Saga, the Programmer created the villains Judas Traveller, Scrier, and Stunner. He also manipulated tests conducted by Seward Trainer to make them say Parker was a clone of Ben Reilly. Turning his attentions to Reilly, he allied himself with Lady Octopus but Ben found out about of the Master Programmer (although, not his manipulations) and during an ensueing battle, Programmer apparently died. Programmer didn't die and when Peter, MJ, Ben, and Stunner were trapped in Cyberspace, he reveled that he was alive and erased Stunner and then Mary Jane. Elsewhere, Seward was on to Programmer when Programmer surrendered his secrets. What transpired next, remains to be seen.[1]

  • It was said that the reason they didn't reveal the Programmer's real name was because they were going to reveal it later, but they never did.[1]

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