As Dr . Atlantean

A mad scientist who took over Manhattan's new and only Nuclear Power Plant and uses a special ray in it to lift Manhattan into the clouds unless the city met his demands. He had a radiation gun which gave Spider-Man a disadvantage. He later reappears calling himself "Dr. Atlantean" and once again holds Manhattan hostage, this time sinking it to the bottom of the ocean. He reappears again calling himself the "Radiation Specialist", and uses radiation that takes over nearly all of the city's minds and turns most of the citizens of New York against Spider-Man.

  • In "Swing City" he is named the Master Technician, in "Specialists and Slaves" he is the Radiation Specialist. The episode "Up From Nowhere" features Dr. Atlantean, who is a slightly redone M.T. In that episode, Manhattan is sunk instead of lifted into the air.

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