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Quote1.png Nothing like the shadow of a death-threat to put a damper on one's evening. Quote2.png
Leiko Wu

Appearing in "The Razor-Fist Connection"

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Synopsis for "The Razor-Fist Connection"

In Hong Kong, Razor-Fist enters a bar in search of Shen Kuei - the Cat. The patrons confess to knowing very little about Shen Kuei's whereabouts. Razor-Fist dives into them and begins slaughtering the guests with swift strokes from his single bladed hand. One thug breaks down and admits that Shen Kuei returned to England with Pavane and Shang-Chi.

In England, Denis Nayland Smith confers with Clive Reston and Jack Tarr. He has learned that someone has been assassinating known enemies of the late crime-lord Carlton Velcro. He is convinced that Shang-Chi and Pavane are the next targets.

Shang-Chi learns the news and travels to Leiko's flat to inform her. Shang decides to track Pavane down and warn her. Leiko is still bitter over past dealings with Pavane, but agrees to help out regardless.

Denis Nayland Smith goes to MI-6 headquarters. He has heard rumors that the agency had since weeded out its corruptive influences, and was once again a legitimate espionage unit. Upon entering his old office, he finds that Fah Lo Suee is still in charge.

That night, Shang-Chi and Leiko Wu sneak into Pavane's lavish estate to warn her. Pavane doesn't trust their motives and a fight ensues. Suddenly, a second Razor-Fist enters the house and Pavane has to divide her attack between fighting Shang and Leiko, as well as Razor-Fist. Shang diverts his attention away from Pavane and concentrates on the new threat. Razor-Fist tries to strike him, but lodges his blade into a table-top, allowing Shang-Chi the chance to put him down with a heavy kick to the chin. Once everything settles down, Pavane informs Shang-Chi that there are actually three men who have assumed the name Razor-Fist; all three of whom are triplets.

Elsewhere, the Razor-Fist who was operating out of Hong Kong meets up with Carlton Velcro. Carlton is miraculously still alive, but requires cybernetic enhancements to survive.


  • First appearance of Razorfist II and III; origin revealed in this issue.
  • Razorfist's name is alternately spelled as "Razor-Fist" and "Razor Fist".
  • Carlton Velcro is revealed to be alive in this issue.

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