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Quote1.png But worry not Shang-Chi, my son... your death will be slow in coming. I hope it will be a duration of months, in which time I will take from you as much blood as is possible. Your every care will be met here -- you will be fed rich, red, raw meats... and you shall bleed... you shall bleed your life... for mine. Quote2.png
-- Fu Manchu

Appearing in "Blood of His Blood"

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Synopsis for "Blood of His Blood"

Shang-Chi (Earth-616) analyzes a set of playing cards. The back of each card forms a piece of a mosaic, a puzzle that points the way to Fu Manchu. Doctor Petrie reminds everyone that Fu Manchu is dead, but Shang-Chi begins to doubt such a claim. Shang completes the puzzle and finds that the back of the cards form a picture of Fu Manchu's fortress in Honan.

Denis Nayland Smith sends Shang-Chi on a mission to investigate Wang Yu-Seng – the man who hired Death-Dealer. Hopefully in his journey, Shang may be able to draw a connection between Wang and Fu Manchu.

Moments later, an officer stops at Stormhaven and informs Smith that his mortgage has foreclosed and Freelance Restorations is to be evicted from the property. Black Jack drives Shang and Leiko to London leaving Smith, Clive Reston and Doctor Petrie to deal with the eviction notice.

In London's Limehouse district, a group of Si-Fan assassins attack the trio, but Black Jack and Shang manage to easily defeat them. The presence of the Si-Fan so near to Wang Yu-Seng's estate is a clear marker of Fu Manchu's influence. After dispelling the thugs, the three sneak into Wang's townhouse. The house appears deserted however and they take their leave.

The Fortress of Fu Manchu

Back at Stormhaven, more Si-Fan assassins attack the castle. Doctor Petrie is gravely injured, and Clive is unable to stop them from kidnapping and driving off with Sir Denis.

Later, Shang-Chi goes the offices of MI-6 in Whitehall. His sister, Fah Lo Suee is now the director of this branch of British Intelligence. Fah confirms Shang's suspicions and reveals that Fu Manchu is most certainly still alive, and has been the power behind Wang Yu-Seng.

After leaving the office, Shang-Chi meets up with Bolo and Kimba, two former Si-Fan who now serve Fah Lo Suee. A fight breaks out and the two men want to know why Shang-Chi is in Whitehall. Shang defeats them, but the two men refuse to submit to interrogation. As they run off, Shang gives chase and runs directly into the Death-Dealer. The Death-Dealer sends a giant scorpion to kill Shang-Chi. Shang manages to survive the experience, but he is infected with the scorpion's deadly venom.

When he revives, he finds himself strapped to a table back at his father's fortress in Honan. Fu Manchu enters the dungeon laboratory, appearing closer to his true age than the visage that Shang is accustomed to. He reveals that his body has become immune to the Elixir Vitae and that only the blood of Shang-Chi can restore him to full health. He cures his son of the scorpion venom, but also distills a volume of Shang's blood. Consuming it like a vampire, Fu Manchu regains his youth and vigor. He turns to leave, citing that he will leave Shang-Chi imprisoned as his permanent and personal blood donor.


  • This issue is part two of the four-part Fu Manchu Saga.
  • Final appearances of Bolo and Kimba; both die in this issue.

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