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Synopsis for "Lair of the Lost!"

This story actually begins with two stories. In the left-hand panels, three punks attack Shang-Chi to get money for drugs, with the usual result. In the right-hand panels, Sir Denis and Black Jack finalize their plan to trap Shang-Chi.

The first phase of the plan works. Shang-Chi finds Sir Denis's picture on the cover of a Daily Bugle and learns that he's visiting Rye, NY. Shang-Chi wants to apologize for killing Dr. Petrie (two issues ago), so he grabs the back of a passing truck. The truck passes Fu Manchu's headquarters, where he is making his own plans against Shang-Chi and Sir Denis.

In Rye, Shang-Chi asks a cabby for directions. When he overhears the "cabby" reporting his presence, he realizes he's walking into a trap. He sneaks in through a window, which is immediately sealed by a metal plate. He easily defeats a group of federal agents and, not so easily, a group of robot knights. When he encounters Black Jack, they fight hand to hand. Nothing seems to faze the Britisher, until Shang-Chi levers him over a balcony rail. Shang-Chi finds Sir Denis, who is still confined to a wheelchair. Sensing the man's chi, Shang-Chi tells him to stand up. Sir Denis complains that the doctors say he will never walk again. Shang-Chi tells him to stand up. He does! "What one knows, Sir Denis," says Shang-Chi before he leaves, "is not always the truth. Think on what you know of me until next we meet."



  • Creators Al Milgrom, Steve Englehart, and Jim Starlin make cameo appearances as muggers in this issue.
  • The tagline for this issue is, "They call him Blackjack! The man not even kung fu can smash!!"
  • This issue includes Marvel Value Stamp #53, the Grim Reaper, and the first installment of Missives to the Master, the letters page.

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